Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Inspiration: Jason Grant

I read recently that your home should be a museum of the things you love and cherish, whether that be weird rocks you collected on a trip to the mountains, or dried flowers from a special occasion or some funky artwork that you just adore. It should be about you, and since we all change, it is likely our homes will be ever evolving as well.

When i saw these images on desire to inspire of designer Jason Grant's Apartment it felt like his home embodied that message. Grant is the editor of Real Living Magazine

What do you think? Do you like that eclectic lived-in feel of his home?

inspiration source: remodelista

(image via remodelista)

Remodelista is a daily blog stalk for both my mom and me. Pretty much once a day we are emailing each other ideas from the site, but once such idea made it into our booth. We fashioned our own version of this rack from rope, a few hooks and some branches. Right now, it is home to some vintage linens, but I am excited to see what else we come up with to display there.

Friday, June 25, 2010

a first look...

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getting started.....

Thursday was the first day of moving a few things into our space. We did a little fix up before we moved in!It was like the day I moved Mary-Kathryn in the dorm, you have a very small space to do lots of things. We covered one wall in coffee bags and added nickle shelf brackets with a wooden shelf for displaying. Next we added a few hooks and clips to hang things on. The last thing was a hanging wall rack made out of rope and tree limbs. Thanks to Lewis for all of his man power, much appreciated by this old lady!!
Just a few items are in but we hope in the next couple of weeks to add a lot more. I will be on the road next week looking for new treasures.