Wednesday, August 25, 2010

birds, cows and metal galore...

How's that for a title? We loaded in a bunch of new stuff yesterday... much of it I personally wish was coming home with me, but that is not the point of this little venture!

The birds nest paintings and this cow board were painted by Becky Hiter, an Oxford friend and artist. She also painted two other boards that are in the booth, one with roosters and another with birds, which is my personal favorite.
I've loved plaid since I was a little girl, and this plaid chair is no exception. It is small and cozy and just feels smart to me... the metal side table next to the chair, is my favorite thing we've got right now... and if you like one, why not get two! The pair would look so nice flanking a bed or sofa. I love the industrial edge these capture, but feel they can easily be mixed into a more traditional home for a funky edge!
I love the rope on this little footstool and the added element that would bring to a room, after all, I bet you don't have much rope in your room right now?
Pre-planted herbs in a metal planter with the markers to identify them? yes please! (too bad I killed the ones I had at my house). And that basket stand would be so pretty with a white plate filled with cheeses for a party...
We've still got the mirror, that trumps those side tables for my most favorite thing we've found since opening Rambling Road. Those funky metal trees would be cool on a buffet for an unique look, or I think they have some potential as a holiday decoration. Also, the table all that goodness is resting on is pretty great too. I wish I had gotten a better photograph, but let's just say, it also almost came home with me!

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