Tuesday, October 4, 2011


we've been busy, busy, busy the last few months! it seems like everytime i get a good photo of something it sells before i post it.... not complaining by any means. so... for now, bear with the camera phone pics and check out some of the great stuff we have in our sugar magnolia booth.

I love that nail head chair, it would be great as an extra chair to pull up for extra seating at a dining table, or as a desk chair, or perhaps tucked in a corner of a bedroom.   Those plaid pillows peaking out of the box next to the chair are some of my favorites. That fabric has a ralph lauren feel to it to me! And that metal g came is an old letter from a sign. We had an E too, but my friend snapped it up to hang in her son Ethan's bedroom.

it's hard to see the table in this photo, but it is a perfect breakfast table! We've also got some great serving pieces, dishes and glassware right now.

Lastly, this turquoise cabinet is one my newest favorites.... this picture does not do it justice, but it provides great storage without taking up too much room and the color is really pretty.

that and much more are in the booth right now! go check it out...

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