Monday, May 14, 2012

Updated Booth pics

We can't believe it is already the middle of May. We've got some great stuff in the Sugar Magnolia booth for those who may be looking for a new house or apartment or for those who are just wanting to do a little spring (hmm, should I say early summer) sprucing up! 

Here are a few camera phone photos of the latest:

That little metal table is great, and is in front of a beautiful little love seat that needs a home! The table next to the love seat sold today after we took these photos! so, we'll be replacing that soon.

Along that back wall is one of our newest pieces-- it's a really old long farm table imported from Hungary. It was originally used in a wine cellar and has the most beautiful finish. The galvanized bucket on top of the table also sold today!  

That flower chair has a partner too! They'd be great at the head of a dining table... actually, I have a pair in my own dining room. 

See that little chest peaking out behind the metal cart. It is so adorable, someone please snatch it up! 
Again, that metal bucket is sold, but don't be discouraged there is TONS of other great stuff! 

Frames anyone? We've got a big variety right now....

So, we'd love for you to go check out what we've got. There is lots of good stuff. We also revamped the space in Taylor today and it looks really good and is full of some new and unique items. 

As always, let us know if something interests you.